To be the leading roller management platform that connects industrial roller recoverers with end-customers via our open API protocol.


The countroll® platform is the digital passport of your industrial roller. The platform allows you to share documents and data in a digital way between roller recoverers and end-customers and is easy accessible through the countroll® app and countroll® webportal.

Our QR labels were designed to survive the extreme conditions of industrial rubber and PU (autoclave conditions and chemical exposure) and are the unique key to access the platform using the camera of your smartphone. You have the digital passport of your roller in your pocket. No more need for binders or printed documents.

The countroll® platform also allows end-customers to anticipate regrinding of your rubber based on the regrinding history and minimum rubber thickness. It also allows rubber recoverers to anticipate sales and optimize compound stock levels.

Benefits for Recoverers

O Paperless communication with customers
O All documents always accessible
O In-app communication improves efficiency
O Adding pictures reduces claims
O Overview of rollers which should be recovered
O Automated notification when receiving rollers
O Automated notification when rollers are ready

Benefits for Customers

O Consult all data on smartphone / tablet
O Same info for all operators
O Overview of all manufacturers rollers
O Customers can add rollers
O Easy-to-use app, no need for training
O Export data to .xlsx and .csv