The countroll® Roller Management Platform is the first global platform that enables you to have the digital passport of your industrial roller on your smartphone including technical documents, regrinding history and photos.

countroll® puts a digital layer on top of your industrial roller. You have all documents, data and history always accessible through your standard smartphone or tablet.

The countroll® app uses the QR label as identifier to open the countroll® platform and to provide the operator access to all the documents, data and timeline of the roller via his smartphone or tablet. The camera functionality of the smartphone is being used to scan the QR label.

The countroll® web portal gives you an overview of the regrinding & recovering history of your rollers. And there is more, you can also : change the location of your rollers (in stock, mounted in machine, at manufacturer), link rollers with packaging, link rollers to logical locations (ex. warehouse, …), add documents (inspection documents, regrinding reports,…), add pictures for quality purposes and create events

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