Countroll® NIP


The countroll® NIP kit is the solution to optimize nip pressure and calculate crown correction of your rollers in order to optimize your production process and quality.

Stop time consuming and inaccurate nip measurements with carbon paper. The countroll wireless nip system consists 3 units that measure the nip width and crown factor, instantly and readable through the countroll® app. This powerful system allows quick and easy diagnosis of roller conditions – the nip contact point. With minimal investment and no prior experience you can quickly and accurately record spot nip (contact point between rollers) width.

What makes our offer unique
  • 3 unit measurement
  • Automatic crown correction
  • Flexible in terms of applications
  • Long sensor strip +sensitivity zone
  • Timeline- of your nip measurements
  • 3 NIP devices
  • 5 measurement strips
  • 10 QR labels
  • Access to the countroll® app

Our solution in 4 steps

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