POMINI CNC Roll Grinder HD425 2 7L

    Siemens 840D, 12 Axes.
    Built 2006.
    Cast iron machine with two flatbed system, grinding and workpiece ways are separate.

    Machine equipped with:

    High Pressure wheel cleaner.
    Wheel dynamic balancing electromagnetic automatically or manually.
    Wheel dressing device with diamond.
    2 Hydrostatic Steadies.
    2 Hydrodynamic Steadies.
    4 Soft landing for rools.
    Wheel quick change device incl motor.
    Jib crane.

    On independent bed:
    Auto Caliper Diameter 870 – 2.250 mm.
    Eddy current crack and bruise detector probe.
    Ultrasound depth Probe until 180 mm.

    Vibrations Measurement, recording on:
    Headstock base
    Wheel head
    Wheel head back
    Carriage Lateral side.


    CE Mark
    Back up roll diameter: Min. 2000mm, Max.2150mm
    Work roll diameter: Min. 1020mm, Max.1120mm
    Barrel length: back up roll 4300mm, work roll 4300mm
    Overall length of roll: back up roll 9560mm, work roll 8554mm
    Headstock motor: 200kW, 400V,370A, 738rpm
    Wheel motor: 129kW, 400V,238A, 1150rpm
    Roll weight: back up roll 161ton, work roll 45ton