Rolmacon Global Ltd. is now a proud International member of the Rubber Roller Group – RRG.


The Rubber Roller Group is a non-profit international organization established in 1986.  It has about 300 members in all parts of the industrialized world involved with elastomeric covered rolls.  The Rubber Roller Group is an organization with a Board  of Directors having positions lasting two years.  There is an annual technical meeting designed for everyone from engineering and management to machine operators and other production personnel. Each person attending must be a member.

The mission of the Rubber Roller Group is to provide technical information and exchange ideas with other roll manufacturers around the world.  Members of the Rubber Roller Group realize that faster progress toward individual goals can be accomplished by acting as a team and sharing knowledge while keeping the marketing details distinct and separate from the  cooperative aspects of the association.

The 2016 Meeting is held in Tampa FL USA – May 1-3. Networking in an ever smaller world is important for your business – Join Now. Contact for additional details